Strainz Cardano Launch — NFT Ecosystem Game

5 min readApr 20, 2022

The original version of Strainz was released on the Binance Chain in early 2021. The weed-based NFT project had 500+ users and went through various development progresses. After the departure of the developer at the end of 2021, the community decided to relaunch a slimmed-down version of the NFT artwork game with the core elements in 2022 on the Cardano Sidechain Milkomeda.

In summary, Strainz is an exciting weed-based NFT project, you can earn passive yield from holding STRAINZ NFTs and breed two together to create further NFTs with the parents' features and DNA. Collect your STRAINZ NFTs, breed them, trade on the marketplace, and yield farm the BUDZ Token to buy more! 🌱+🌱=🌿

Strainz NFTs

The project revolves around STRAINZ, our main ERC-1155 NFT, BUDZ the Ecosystems ERC-20 Token, and SEEDZ an ERC-20 Token for modifying your STRAINZ NFTs.


Each plant has a unique DNA which translates to a specific appearance. They get built up from different Hats, Faces, Heads, Bodies, Pots, Accessories, and Colors. Over 100.000 combinations are possible as of now, and we’ll add more parts in the future! Exclusively the accessories, like the joint, sunglasses and earrings can be passed on. If two parents have the same accessories, they are inherited by the children.

No two STRAINZ NFTs are the same, and they’re needed for breeding and harvesting BUDZ Tokens.


STRAINZ NFTs are harvestable, which means they produce BUDZ Tokens over time depending on their grow rate.


Each plant has a grow rate between 1 and 1000 and can be harvested at any time. BUDZ Tokens are used as the main currency in the marketplace.

Grow yourself the biggest farm!


Similar to CryptoKitties, you can breed two STRAINZ NFTs together to get a third new STRAINZ NFT, with a different appearance.

Breeding NFTs

For breeding you have to burn BUDZ Tokens, corresponding to the breeding cost. Each plant has its own breeding cost, which depends on its grow rate.

After breeding, the breeding costs of both parents get more expensive, so it will get more and more difficult to produce new STRAINZ. The child plant will have a grow rate dependent on its parent but reduced by a proportional value. Therefore, each newly generated plant will have a lower grow rate value than the average of its parents.


If a plant is composted, the owner receives a portion of SEEDZ Tokens based on the grow rate of the composted plant. But be aware that a composted plant is irretrievably destroyed, so think carefully about which plants you want to compost and which not.

Liquidity Mining and SEEDZ

In addition to creating value by growing and trading the Tokens and NFTs, it is also beneficial for users to take a look at the Strainz project’s liquidity pools. By providing liquidity in one of the pools and staking LP Tokens, farmers receive SEEDZ Tokens that can be used to modify STRAINZ NFTs.

SEEDZ Token icon

Following pools will be provided:

BUDZ / Cardano



There will be a maximum supply of SEEDZ Tokens and liquidity providers receive a portion of the SEEDZ remaining in the pool when they provide liquidity and claim the rewards.

SEEDZ tokens let you rename your STRAINZ NFTs, change their color and other properties to personalize your own farming experience. Several features will be added in the future to give additional value to the SEEDZ Token.


All STRAINZ and other NFTs can be traded freely on our marketplace! To incentivize STRAINZ growers, 10% of each Trade gets burned in BUDZ Tokens, and the seller receives 90% of the buying price.

Strainz Marketplace

The owner of the STRAINZ NFT sets the price for the plant. The price will probably take into account the generation, the actual breeding costs, accessories, and the rarity of the various characteristics of the plant.

Wallet and Setup

To make managing your STRAINZ as easy as possible, head over to your wallet page, which shows them all in one place!

Strainz NFT Wallet

The native Token of the blockchain MilkADA is required for performing all transactions such as buying, harvesting, breeding, etc. Head over to the Milkomeda Guide to set up your wallet and get started.

Testing Phase

Currently, a trial version is available at To get an insight into the features of the project you can set up the testnet with test coins via the Milkomeda Developer Guide.

The test phase protects the project from bugs in the productive version. Early participants in the test phase also have the opportunity to develop first strategies and to start the project at full throttle.

Differences to the BNBChain Version

Refined formulas for the gaming part ensure the longevity of the Strainz Milkomeda project. All defined parameters are well balanced and can be tested out in the testnet. Slimmed-down mechanics simplify the gaming part, which helps getting new users onboarded more quickly. Since focusing on the core elements drastically reduces the amount of research which had to be done for the old version. To achieve this goal we removed fertilizers, accessory bonuses and watering.


To bootstrap liquidity, the first STRAINZ NFTs will be minted in a presale!
These Genesis Generation 0 STRAINZ on Milkomeda will have the highest grow rates and also come together with a Bonus of BUDZ Tokens, so you can immediately start your first breeding if you buy two STRAINZ NFTs at presale!

The Generation 0 STRAINZ NFTs can be purchased at the presale via MilkADA Coin.


From now on, everyone has the possibility to run at least a “digital” weed plantation and harvest their own crypto weed. The long-term goal, however, is that the digitally created values of the Strainz project can be used to purchase real weed. This presupposes that weed is legalized in the corresponding cultivation areas and distribution regions.

We are already in contact with interested growers in the EU to make the dream come true. 🌱😉

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Strainz is an exciting weed-based NFT project. Earn passive yield from holding Strainz NFTs and breed them to get more. Get started at